Regular vacuuming

Regular vacuuming can remove up to 85% of the dry soil particles in your carpet.

Spot Cleaning

After spot cleaning it is recommended to remove any residual detergent by rinsing the area with clean water. This will help prevent rapid resoiling of the cleaned area.

Spot & Stain Removal Guide:

  • Soak up liquids with kitchen roll, paper tissues, toilet roll, or absorbent cloth
  • Scoop up or scrape off solids using a spoon or spatchela
  • Try to identify unknown spots prior to treatment – if unsure, use solvent first
  • Always work from the edge of the spot inwards.
  • BLOT by applying light pressure to the cloth or towelling & releasing slowly, do NOT rub
  • Apply small quantities at a time, applied to a cloth, NOT directly to the spot; work into the spot with a small brush or sponge
  • When using solvents always ensure there is plenty of fresh air ventilation
  • Always thoroughly rinse afterwards if water-based spotters have been used
  • Dry the spot, if possible, with a hair dryer on warm setting only

Woolsafe Australia

Woolsafe is a non profit group that trains carpet cleaning technicians and conducts stringent tests of detergents to ensure your valuable wool carpet is not only maintained but treated in the best possible manner to maximise the life of the carpet. To read more about woolen carpet care, follow this link Woolsafe Australia